WTFI Veterans’ Children Scholarhip

The Warrior Thunder Foundation (WTFI)is proud to announce the 2017 scholarship grant to the children of: United States service members who received an honorable discharge from any branch of service of the US Armed Forces; including high school, college and graduate school students, to enable the recipients to complete an undergraduate or graduate education in the field of their choice at the college or graduate school of their choice.

The goal of the Warrior Thunder Scholarship Fund is to assist a Veteran’s child in their educational desires to serve their Nation or community and/or to provide assistance to our military or Veterans.

It is a one-time, $1000 scholarship to cover tuition, room,board, books and supplies.
The funds may be used for any term, including the summer term, during the awarded academic school year.
Applications must be submitted, in accordance with the instructions, by May 1, 2017
For instructions on how to apply for the WTFI Scholarship Fund


2017 Warrior Thunder Foundation Scholarship Application Instructions


2017 Warrior Thunder Foundation Scholarship Application