Vet Ruck New England


Our WTFI athletes are at it again!  Nine of our amazing endurance athletes will be rucking 200 miles (10 miles for every Veteran who takes his/her life) across the state of Massachusetts.

Oh, and they will be doing it nonstop over 3 days.



The transition from military to civilian life can be difficult, especially when dealing with injuries, illnesses, the scars of combat and loss of comrades.  Those who have not served have a difficult time understanding this and bringing Veterans back into the community, while Veterans have a hard time sharing their stories and becoming part of the community that wants them.


This 200-mile ruck across Massachusetts will help raise awareness for the needs of Veterans, specifically, the need for them to become part of the community after service, the prevention of suicide and to raise charitable donations to support programs to help them.




If you are interested in being a sponsor for this, please contact me via email